Behind every iconic drink lies a tale waiting to be told, and that’s where our second book, “Mambo’s Dream Stories,” comes into play. Journey through its pages to uncover the captivating histories, adventures, and local lore that inspired the names of these cherished beverages. Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado, an ardent history lover, or someone longing for a taste of the islands, this book offers an enthralling blend of heritage and flavor. Embark on a sensory expedition through The Bahamas, savoring each story and sip along the way!



LOGOs Book Store.
Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza. Nassau, Bahamas.
Tel: 242-394-7040

Oasis Book Store
Diplomat Center
Carmichael Rd
Nassau Bahamas.
Tel. 242-461-6422

Currently only available for purchase in The Bahamas.  Visit one of the Book Stores mentioned or contact the author, Dennis Burrows, at 1-242-357-5513 by phone or via WhatsApp.  Or, send an email to burrowsdennis @ yahoo .com