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Mambo’s Dream is an extension of the book “Mambo’s Dream Beverages of The Bahamas”, compiled and published by Mr Dennis Roger Burrows,pictured here with the original book design. The new design can be seen at right and throughout the site.

The book contains over 200 recipes for beverages created during the illustrious career of Dennis’ father, the late Herbert Zacharias Burrows and is available for purchase at or using the links at right.

Dennis is a Bahamian and is the CEO and President of Mambo’s Dreams Enterprises. After a review and fine tuning of his fathers recipes, Dennis, to honor is fathers memory published the print edition of his book.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Florida Memorial University, Miami Florida.


The book is available in two formats:

From the Amazon Kindle store for your mobile app.  This format is an ebook for your mobile devices, and you can see a sampling of recipes by clicking on the “Take A Look Inside” link at left.

As a soft back printed version by clicking here. This is our most popular version and it makes a great gift or table topper. Customers tell us it’s a great conversation starter and, that they discover new recipies every time they open the book!



Solly’s Groove

In the Bahamas, when you mentioned the name "Stormin Norman" everyone knew you were talking about the late Norman Solomon. This tantalizing beverage is called "Solly's Groove" and was made in honor of "Stormin Norman". He was a Journalist, a Sportsman, an Entrepreneur...

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Fox Hill Daiquiri

An historical twist on an old daiquiri recipe! Ask anyone who has ever visited an island country what the most popular drink at the bar, and the answer will most likely be the Daiquiri!  Some answers will include the kind of daiquiri like strawberry, mango etc.  and...

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Pina Colada

This drink is so famous, Jimmy Buffet wrote a song about it! Do You Like Pina Coladas? It is believed to have its origins in Puerto Rico and made its way throughout the west indies, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. The interesting thing about the Pina Colada is that...

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