This drink is so famous, Jimmy Buffet wrote a song about it! Do You Like Pina Coladas?

Pina Colado Tropical Drink by Mambos Dream Beverages of The BahamasIt is believed to have its origins in Puerto Rico and made its way throughout the west indies, the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

The interesting thing about the Pina Colada is that just as you can find it in many places throughout the world, you can find as many versions of this drink which is a sweet rum and pineapple based concoction.

But make no mistake, not all Pina Coladas taste as good as the one created by Mambo!

If you’ve ever had a Pina Colada made with the finest rums, topped with fresh pineapple garnish then you have expreienced it Mambo style.

Here is the simple recipe for this popular tropical drink:

1.5 oz Barcardi Blanca
2.5 oz Pineapple Juice
1.5 oz Coco Lopez
1 oz milk

Blend with crushed ice, serve in 12 oz Collins Glass. Garnish with fresh pinepple slice and sweet cherry.

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