A Brief History of Rum, Liquor, Wines, Soft Drinks & Beers In The Bahamas

Don Facundo Bacardi Masso created Bacardi, a Cuban Rum in 1862, which was from Cuban Sugar cane and molasses.  Bacardi revolutionized rum a new formula and new processes for charcoal mellowing again and blending.  This resulted into “the world’s first refined sipping rums and a new standard by which all other rums had to be measured”.

Some of the best prepared frozen delights are in the form of Daiquiri Bacardi Cocktail, Pina Colada, and not to mention Bacardi and Coke or “the original Cuba Libra
and Mojito”.  There is also a Bacardi Company Limited in the Bahamas, which produces Bacardi Rum as well as in other countries around the world.  Whereas, the Bacardi plant closed its door for good in The Bahamas 2009.

However, some of the larger Conglomerates and distributors of Liquors, Rum, Wines, Soft Drinks and Beers are William Brewer Company Limited, Butler and Sands Company Limited, Bethel Robertson Company Limited, Caribbean Bottling Company Limited, Burns House Limited and Bristol Wines and Spirits.

In addition, the Commonwealth Brewery Limited of the Bahamas Limited, which produces the fine Bahamian Beer called Kalik Beer as well as Heineken Beer, Guinness Stout and Vita Malt.  There are also two soft drink companies, that is Caribbean Bottling Company that produces Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.  Also there are two major water companies namely Aquapure Water Limited and Chelsea’s Choice Water Limited that produces ice for tasting of the Bahamas.


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