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Ready to do the Brandy Flip?

Have you ever heard about a Brandy Flip? If you have not, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.  This concoction is for brandy lovers and is easy to make. What is Brandy? The simple definition, according to the Oxford Dictionary,  is " a strong alcoholic spirit...

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Bahamian Fruit Punch

  Although you can find versions of this drink all over the world, there is nothing like Bahamian Fruit Punch made in the Bahamas by a Bahamian Bartender! Like we say in the Bahamas" I tell ya dat!!!" This refreshing drink is a staple at nearly every social event...

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Fox Hill Daiquiri

An historical twist on an old daiquiri recipe! Ask anyone who has ever visited an island country what the most popular drink at the bar, and the answer will most likely be the Daiquiri!  Some answers will include the kind of daiquiri like strawberry, mango etc.  and...

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