The late Herbert Zacharius Burrows got the nickname “Mambo” during a staff talent show, after he performed a dance called “The Mambo”  while carrying a tray with a fourteen course meal.  He won the show and was known thereafter as “Mambo”.

In 1967, the opening of Paradise Island Bridge and Paradise Hotel Villas presented an opportunity for Herbert to shine.  One night the beverage manager of Paradise Hotel, Mr. Pierce came to the After Deck at Montague Beach Hotel, they were extremely busy and the bartender was not at work, Herbert was given the challenge to manage his station along with doing the bartender’s job too.

Mr. Pierce recognizing the talent and impressed with the way that Herbert was able to multi-task both jobs said to him “Son, you are pretty good” and extended the invitation for him to work at Paradise Island.  Being the ambitious person Herbert was, he wanted to continue his night job at Montague and he asked to work during the day at the pool, Mr. Pierce agreed.

Herbert continued doing both jobs for several years, later moving to the Sonesta Beach Hotel on Cable Beach for several years.  Herbert desired a change of pace and decided to venture to the nation’s second city Freeport, Grand Bahama, where he was the Food and Beverage Director of The Princess Towers. His years of experience with mixology,  lead to experimentation and resulted in the recording of over 2oo drink recipes.

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